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Valkyrie Fund is a venture capital fund being formed as a Delaware limited partnership that will seek significant capital appreciation primarily through investments in portfolio companies and/or funds and if deemed appropriate or desirable by the General Partner, crypto funds. 


Early-stage “FDIC”

  • Founder-oriented : We back founders who have deep domain knowledge and industry experience.

  • Disruptive Technologies : We invest in startups with cutting-edge technologies that can disrupt the status quo or create a new category.

  • Influence : We invest in startups with the potential to influence millions of people. 

  • Catalyst : We invest in startups that we can provide impactful value-add as a catalyst. 


Late-stage “FED”

  • Financial Statements : Late-stage startups have matured enough to demonstrate their high growth potential with a verifiable track record.

  • Exit Expectation : We target to invest in late-stage startups that, to our knowledge and belief, expect to exit in 1-3 years with at least a 3 times return.

  • Decision Marker : We only invest in late-stage rounds that are led by renowned investors with the capabilities to facilitate successful exits.


Crypto Funds

  • We believe crypto and related innovation (DeFi/Web3/Metaverse) will disrupt almost every industry. Crypto assets will become one of the largest asset classes in the world.
  • However, individual crypto projects are too risky. Regulation is another concern in this space.
  • Our approach is to invest in reputable Crypto funds to diversify the risks as well as getting access to top crypto projects. Moreover, we will only invest fiat (U.S. Dollars) in legit crypto funds based in the U.S.

Creating unfair advantages by thoughtful strategy, disciplined execution, and persistence over a long time period.

About us

Breaking new dimensions.

  • Experienced investment team with a proven track record on recognizing high potential early-stage startups.

  • Proprietary deals from top universities, top angel groups, top accelerators and former backed founders in the Silicon Valley.

  • Barbell investment approach with proven investment criteria to find the optimal point of risk and return.

  • Notable previous Investments: ixlayer, Chooch, FreeD Group, Skillz, MasterClass, etc.

what foudners say


"Jinpei is one of our earliest angel investors and has been instrumental supporting Chooch AI through every major milestone. She is an avid early investor and makes sure to stay in close contact with the founders and leadership teams. "
Emrah Gultekin
cofounder &ceo,chooch ai
"As part of Jinpei’s invested portfolio companies and a long-term partner, we’ve been benefiting from Jinpei’s invaluable supports and extensive expertise from her network and experience. We trust she will continue to accelerate our growth in the future. "
Abel Zhao
cofounder & ceo, freed group
"Jinpei and Valkyrie fund was one of our earliest investors. They believed in our vision from the early days and supported us along the way. They are always ready to help founders. Jinpei, in particular, has a lot of very valuable connections, from the supply chain to potential customers. We are so lucky to have them on board."
Reza Azizian
cofounder & ceo, Ferveret
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